Mac cool neutral palette reviews

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MAC – Eye Shadow x15 – Cool Neutral Palette

The highly pigmented powder applies evenly and blends well. Can be used wet or dry. Available in a wide variety of textures and finishes. Chalky white pink Matte Sweet Allure: Soft light pink Satin Sun Tweaked: Soft frosty coral Frost After Dusk: Midtonal rosy pink with pearl Veluxe Pearl Blackberry: Muted burgundyplum brown Matte Pick Me Up: Pale ivory Matte Cozy Grey: Cool grey Matte Crushed Clove: Dirty gold olive Frost Deception: Chocolate gold Frost Brun: Muted blackish brown Satin Silver Fog: White grey frost Frost Cumulus: Dirty grey charcoal Frost Pearled Earth: All That Glitters is almost similar on the skin, but still is lighter and has more of a pink tone to it.

After Dusk: Color payoff was great and looked nearly true to pan with little product applied. Coverage was equally wonderful, giving full opacity with only a tiny bit of eye shadow patted onto the lid. The texture is super smooth and easy to blend out, which is typical with Veluxe Pearl eye shadows. I got a little over 7 hours of wear before After Dusk began to fade or crease. Although it was limited then, it will remain permanent exclusively in this palette. After Dusk is pretty unique and is difficult to find a dupe for!

The base color of Trax is similar, but it has a golden sheen to it and appears more purpley on the eye. Star Violet is considerably darker and well, more violet. Once applied, the color payoff seems a little darker than it is in the pan but the color itself is great. The texture is super smooth and not the least bit powdery, especially for a Matte! Blackberry gave me over 8 hours of wear before I noticed any fading. There is no difference in this version of Blackberry compared to the permanent one either, which can sometimes happen with palettes. Pick Me Up: Color payoff is great, while it does look a little lighter and almost, but not quite, white on the skin.

Coverage is also fantastic with Pick Me Up, giving full opacity with little product. The texture is a little dry but in a silky, not too powdery way, so it applies well. As with most Matte finish eye shadow, I got over 8 hours of wear before I noticed any fading.

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Cozy Grey: Color payoff was good but coverage was only so-so… It definitely applied best when worn over a Pro Longwear Paint Pot and was layered a bit. The texture was drier and almost chalky compared to the other Matte finishes in this palette but it still blended out well. I actually love this color and texture for a blending color in the crease or just above to soften darker eye shadows. Malt is warmer and slightly darker. Bisque is similar but lighter and more neutral.

Crushed Clove: The more neutral tone shows up mostly in the very frosted, nearly metallic sheen. Color payoff is pretty true to pan color but it does look warmer in this photo than in person, due to the warmer golden sheen reflecting light. The swatch above is more accurate.

Coverage was great… I got total opacity without having to use much product. This eye shadow feels incredibly smooth and silky and only has minimal powdery fallout, but only if you get too much on your brush. Crushed Clove wore for about hours before any creasing or fading occurred… I prefer wearing Frost eye shadows on the lid, rather than in the crease because of the issue with them fading more quickly in the crease.

Woodwinked is slightly darker, warmer, and more intense. The Frost finish is what contains the majority of the golden sheen. The color payoff is great and looks quite true to pan color, with the exception that the mauve undertones show more once applied. The coverage is opaque without applying much eye shadow. It glides on easily and felt very smooth and easy to blend.

As with most Frost eye shadows, it wears best on the lid, giving around hours of wear time over a Pro Longwear Paint Pot, while wearing for more like 6 hours in the crease over the same primer.

Woodwinked is close, but not as smooth or pigmented… It also appears more golden and slightly lighter on the skin. Satin Taupe is cooler and darker. The color payoff is good and true to pan color.

The texture is dry, perhaps a bit chalky, but in a very smooth way… The dryness can make it a little hard to blend but if you use a softer brush like a or , it should make it easier! Wear time is great and lasts for a minimum of 8 hours before any fading or creasing. Silver Fog: I was really impressed with the texture… It felt very smooth, gliding on and blending out well without having that powdery, almost gritty feel that some Lustre finish eye shadows do.

I found that this also had very little fallout, which is somewhat common with this finish.

A carefully edited palette of 15 cool, neutral shades to create endless looks ($101 value).

It wore better than most Lustres, staying put for around 7 hours. Electra is darker and more frosty. Silver Gull , which was limited with the Iris Apfel collection is close, but more shimmery. French Clay: In the pan, the warmer tone shows up more but other than that, the color payoff is great and pretty true to pan. Coverage was fantastic and full without having to use much eye shadow. The texture felt like silk and blended out very easily.

As with most Frosts, wear time on the lid was around 7 hours, while in the crease it faded a bit sooner. Color payoff is good but like I mentioned, it can appear more neutral sometimes. Coverage was good, but not totally opaque by itself. Applying this over a Pro Longwear Paint Pot helped dramatically. Cumulus felt smooth and applied and blended out easily. Wear time was about hours on the lid and slightly less in the crease. Pearled Earth: Color payoff is great and spot on to the color this eye shadow is in the pan.

The texture was luxurious and silky, blending out and applying well and with little effort. Wear time was similar to a Frost eye shadow, with around hours on the lid and slightly less when worn in the crease. Scene is similar in color, but is much, much drier, less opaque, and more matte. Smut is darker and has a warmer, wine stained hue.

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Black Tied: The color payoff takes some layering to be true to pan… Same with the coverage. You definitely want to use a Pro Longwear Paint Pot as your primer and pack this on the lid with a brush like s for a smoky eye.

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The texture is smooth, though somewhat powdery, but still easy to blend and layer. It felt smoother as well. Wear time was about hours on the lid and in the crease.