Backspace on mac keyboard not working

If you go through the archive on the left you'll find lots of the challenges I encountered right after I made my switch, starting with my first blog post. Hope it helps! Hey, thanks for the helpful info! I just got a new iMac and couldn't figure out how to delete forward. I picked up a lot of other useful info here as well! December 17, at AM. The arrogance of Apple is amazing in itself but its failure to recognise that its this attitude that sent it broke the first time will ultimately result in a repeat of history.

Why not use the standard keyboard? Why not end the war with Flash? Why not just get the company out of the way of the customer and stop attempting to be 'mother'. February 11, at AM. Ginger said…. My teenager thinks I am just OCD, but she doesn't understand. I have 20 or so years experience on a Windows PC and about 4 days on a Mac. There are some things that I just have to have and being able to without living my life making left turns to go right Thank you so much for the "shortcuts" to that which I have become accustomed.

Ginger: Glad this blog post helped! I have a couple of other posts that may help you get past the adjustment period just check the archives on the left of this blog. You can also check out Dan's excellent guide to the Mac keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for the great tips July 18, at AM.

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Happy: That selection model works the same on a Mac, though it requires that you either be in List or Column view not icon view. Select the first file with your pointer, hold down the shift key and click another file in the Finder and all the files in between those two points will be selected. You can also select individual files by holding Command down while clicking files. If you are using icon view, then you'll need to click and drag to make a selection.

Personally I always view the finder in List view - much easier to sort that way. Hope this helps You just saved me so much frustration you can't believe it. I own an iMac and purchased the extended keyboard just so I could get both keys.

[SOLVED] Wireless Magic Keyboard Special Function Buttons Not Working – Perfect Fit Computers

Who knew there was a simple fix. I don't think the Apple store employees knew this either. October 21, at PM.

There is a God! Thank you for saving me years more aggravation by having to constantly go back over something and delete rather than having a Backspace key - Amazing how something so simple can cause me so much JOY!! I've lost years of no Backspace Key and now, I've found it.

September 1, at PM. November 25, at PM. December 14, at AM. I love my Mac but the lack of forward-delete was really bothering me. Yay, happy day :.

Mac keyboard not working? Mouse Keys may be activated

April 24, at AM. Cara R. This is an old post, but it still helped me. I just switched from PC to Mac and I miss that backspace key! September 5, at AM. Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog Fixing a simple Time Machine error May 30, This morning I nudged the mouse on my Mac Pro and was welcomed with the following window: Funny thing is that the dialog has an OK button. It's really not OK. Why not? Because it didn't tell me where the problem was.

How To Disable Annoying Backspace Delete Button On Keyboard

As I've said before, I love the simplicity of Time Machine , though presenting an error message like this is not very helpful. Something - anything - to indicate what went wrong would be a good idea. I accept that you don't want to scare off the non-techies with a detailed error message but having a little "more" link that described what the problem is would have helped. Rather than investigate I decided to go with the flow. I clicked the OK button and then told Time Machine to back up now. It happily whirred away and looked like everything was fine, then at the very end up popped the failure notification again.

I did what I always do when something unexpected happens on my computer: I Google'd up the error message. There were a number of so…. Read more. March 02, Though I am in the process of building up my next company , this is not my first rodeo. From up until mid I—and later my partners—managed the growth of WebSurveyor up until its sale. One of the many challenges we had during that time was establishing not only a culture for our employees but also a clear set of rules governing among other things internet access.

The culture that I always wanted centered around personal responsibility. My view was to make sure people understood how important they were to the success of the business and to give them the freedom to use their computer as they saw fit to accomplish their goals. We made it pretty clear that objectionable material a. If an employee wanted to pull up non-work sites that was fine as long as it didn't interfere with their job performance. When we had under a dozen employees this was really easy. We worked in cramped offic….

September 12, It is available on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle formats. When I started writing Finding Davey it wasn't because I wanted to write a book. It was because I wanted to keep a journal of what was happening to me as I navigated my way out of the profound grief I found myself in. Can you confirm it's an issue and may be resolved at some point? Appreciate you're probably dealing with bigger problems, but this is a continuing annoyance which should be relatively easy to sort out We are aware that some users are having issues with the backspace key.