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Your creative possibilities are limitless. Eliminate subtle imperfections, apply lens corrections, turn day into night, enhance color, and so much more. Burn your video to disc with themed chapters and menus, upload directly to social media, and output to popular formats--all from within VideoStudio.

VitaScene V2 Pro Pinnacle Studio Plugin Review & Tutorial

See all features. Set the mood and ambience of your video with powerful color correction and adjustment tools. Easily shift the colors and boost the saturation and luminance on a per-color basis. Introduce new frames with keyframes and create custom split screen layouts. Show multiple videos simultaneously with motion effects, shapes, and more - the creative possibilities are limitless!

Create text masks or try free select masks to select areas of your video. Easily create Alpha channels with precision - quickly converting sections of an image or video to a mask. Help fix one of the most common problems when capturing video. Remove the shake and stabilize video from handheld cameras for a cleaner, smoother end result with enhanced proDAD Mercalli. Captivate your audience with new titling possibilities. Start with presets or create your custom motion, control lighting, textures, and more in the 3D Title Editor. Add incredible creative effects and correct almost any video problem with the Ultimate Effects Collection.

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Access popular apps from proven industry leaders. Get pro-quality results with minimum effort and accelerate your productivity. Enjoy tools like selective focus, background generator, selective color, color fixer pro, and more.

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  3. proDAD ships Mercalli V2 Pro Mac plug-in!
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Watch Video. Stabilize video and remove the shake from handheld cameras, no matter how fast the action.

proDAD ships Mercalli V2 Pro Mac plug-in

Remove wobble and skew caused when panning. Create professional broadcast titles and high-quality motion graphic animations. Bring style to your video with old film effects, rays, glitter, and more with truly stunning, broadcast-quality transitions, filters, and effects. Enjoy over amazing overlay effects to add to your videos for transitions and more.

Apply animated pen effects to maps, photos, and more, illustrate travel from point A to B with lines and graphics, or apply animated pen effects to any path. Solve everyday production problems and boost creativity. Turn day into night, create reflections, touch up skin, enhance color and tone, and more. Get the color you want no matter what the condition of your original video. Find color correction and color grading tools in one simple workflow.

Create a stunning title in seconds by applying one of more than animated templates, customize text, colors, and more for a result beyond what you thought possible. Flip, zoom, spin, or whip between scenes with Seamless Transitions that add excitement and energy to your cuts. Just align similar colors or objects to create a smooth and artful transition between imagery. Choose from templated transitions for immediate results or dive in deeper and create custom Seamless Transitions.

Boost colors and correct the color in your picture in a few easy clicks. Fine tune highlights, saturation, clarity, and more with new, intuitive controls. Bring out the colors in your video with hue, saturation, and white balance controls, including auto-tune adjustments. Match the lighting between two clips, warm up the tone of your video, and so much more. Transform a single image, shape, or sequence and make cuts or transitions between scenes and merge video so that there is no discernable beginning or end.

Create your own unique overlays and export motion graphics, masks, or text with a transparent background - all using new alpha channel. Create your video on the overlay track and export to.

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  • MOV with alpha channel. Show multiple video streams simultaneously with Split Screen video templates. Easily drag-and-drop elements to create impressive promotional videos or share the highlights from your latest trip! Create and customize the movement of graphics, shapes, titles, and overlays along a defined path with new flexible controls. Introduce and tell your story with style.

    Create stunning titles with motion, text, and graphics in the enhanced Title Editor. No matter what you create, save custom titles in the library to spare cycles on future productions! Tell your story from multiple angles. Easily combine, sync, and edit footage from multiple cameras and select the angle you want to show as your video plays. Plug in your camera and create a stop motion animation , frame by frame. Now with expanded support for Canon and Nikon cameras, auto capture settings, and new grid tools to help make it easy to make controlled motions.

    Easily adjust the opacity of your tracks directly in the timeline to show multiple clips at once. Create custom fade in, fade out, or superimposed effects. The creative possibilities are unlimited with this fun effect. Zoom in on the action, or pan across a scene with new controls. Apply visual pan and zoom effects to your video across custom motion paths with easy-to-use controls. Get the right look with hundreds of drag-and-drop effects, animated titles, and transitions. Create picture-in-picture effects, overlays, and more video effects and filters! Track an object and add moving text, graphics, or blur faces, logos or license plates in your video with accurate Motion Tracking tools.

    Adjust how overlay objects blend with the background with the Green Screen effect. Use a video mask, set transparent color, and easily swap out backgrounds and add fun effects. Remove the distortion or fisheye effect captured by wide angle or action cameras. Start with presets for GoPro cameras and then fine-tune adjustments with correction tools.

    Play with speed using Time Remapping and easily create a slow motion video or add high-speed effects , freeze the action, or reverse video and replay scenes. Dive into hands-on editing and edit virtually any type of media. Import your video from cameras or mobile devices, and edit freely in VideoStudio.

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    Enjoy a smooth and fast editing experience when working with large, high resolution video files. Smart Proxy creates low res working files to edit with, then reverts to the original high-res files when you render your video. Editing a mix of audio from different sources?

    A Non-Linear, No-Frills Editing Tool

    Easily balance audio levels among selected clips or the entire track to keep audio at a consistent level. Working with music and dialog? Automatically lower background sound to make narration and dialog clear, and make adjustments with audio controls. Access royalty-free soundtracks in the ScoreFitter music library. Easily add music to your timeline and have them automatically adjust to the length of your movie.