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I have used an IOS device for making copies at the libary and the advantage to using the camera in the Macbook Pro is that you can use TWO hands to keep the book open. You get confused images while juggling an open book and the IOS device. This makes it so much easier. Awesomely simple way to use my MacBook Pro.

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Also might get ambitious and use my iPad. Thanks again, Tim. All Rights Reserved. You can come up with creative solutions using combinations of apps on your Mac.

For instance, to scan documents with your MacBook's camera, you can use Photo Booth to take the pictures, and then Preview to flip them and convert them to a single PDF document. This could be a good alternative to using the copy machine while doing school research. Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode let me show you how to use your Mac Book as a scanner. Today's episode is really about how to be creative when using Apps to get them to do things they were not really meant to do. Like for instance suppose you have your Mac Book and you are at a library.

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  4. You find some pages of a book or document that you want to copy so you can refer to them later while doing research. Well normally you might head over to the old xerox machine and xerox a couple pages and then add those to your notes.

    How to take photos and scan documents with iPhone—on your Mac

    But if you have a Mac Book with you, you have a camera in it. So why not take a picture of those pages with your Mac Book's camera and then save them out as a PDF document.

    Tutoriel Mac - Annoter un document PDF ou une image avec Aperçu

    In order to do this you either need to use an app specialized for this or use just the things on your Mac but in a creative way. So here I am on my Mac Book and I want to use the camera to take pictures of pages a book. So first I am going to launch Photo Booth which is the preinstalled app that allows you to use the camera. Now you can see what the camera sees.

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    The feature is accessible from the Edit menu in document-based apps. Both your iOS device and Mac must be nearby. Continuity Camera works like magic! How to insert images from iPhone in Mac apps To add an image or scanned documents from an iPhone to your Mac, do this: How to rename your iPhone or iPad A mini-overlay anchored to the insertion point instructs you to take an image or scan a document using your selected iOS device.

    Scanning documents When using an iOS device as a document scanner, position the document in the viewfinder and hit the shutter button, then drag near corners to adjust the crop. Delete them to save storage space on your iOS device. An indicator will appear in your file, instructing you to scan a document with your iOS device. Frame your shot, then press the shutter button. The iOS Camera app will go to a screen of your document in a selection box. This is where you can select the area you want scanned.

    Click and drag the corners until the area you want scanned is inside the box. Then tap Keep Scan if you want the scan, or tap Retake if you want to scan the document again. The scan you just took should appear. Note than the scans are not saved on your iOS device. Roman has covered technology since the early s. He's also written for MacRumors and Realtor.

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    Our favorite new features in macOS Mojave. Features, release date, and how to install.